STC Research

This page contains research done by STC  


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STC has started to test Shellfish toxin specificaly PSP in shellfish in Skagway. We are currently focused on Nakuh Bay collection. For updated information regarding PSP found in Skagway Shell fish, please follow the link below. 


Indoor Air Quality Study

STC received funding from ANTHC to conduct a indoor air quality study. 


Invasive species report 2016

STC conducted a baseline study of invasive species in Skagway Alaska trails in 2016. The following is a link to the report.


Pullen Creek 10 year comparative analysis study

STC recently completed a 10 year comparative analysis on Pullen Creek to assess weather or not the amount of contamination has decreased over the last 10 years. The study was compared to another study which was completed by STC 10 Years ago. Click on the link below to read the study.