NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on Thursday, September 20, 2018, STC will hold a REGULAR TRIBAL ELECTION.

THE FOLLOWING  SEATS ARE OPEN: Two (2) Tribal Council Seats – for three (3) year terms each, to expire October 2021

CANDIDATE QUALIFICATIONS: Any person qualified to vote in the tribal elections may have his/her name placed on the ballot for election as a candidate. No person may serve simultaneously as President and Administrator. Qualified Candidate will be at least 18 years old and WITHOUT a felony. 

FILING DATES: Interested persons wishing to place their name on the ballot may file a DECLARATION OF CANDIDACY  with Tribal Office by August 13, 2018 (Must be received in the office by 8/13/2018).  

ABSENTEE VOTING: STC only conducts Absentee ballots. Ballots will be mailed by mid to late August and must be received in the mail by 9/20/2018 to be counted.

ELIGIBLE LIST OF VOTERS: Will be posted at the tribal office bulletin board and  can be view HERE.

UPDATE ADDRESS ON FILE: Please be sure that your address is updated to ensure you receive your vote by 8/13/2018

 VOTER QUALIFICATIONS: A person may vote in STC Tribal election only if the person:

  1. is 18 years of age by election date;
  2. is a base-roll or jurisdictional voter of Skagway Traditional Council

2018 Delegate Elections Target Dates.jpg