Currently STC collects blue mussels from Nahku Bay and test for PSP toxin to ensure tribal members and local citizens are consuming shellfish safely. Furthermore we collect water samples to detect alga bloom as a pre-warning system. We generally collect samples on a biweekly basis unless the results are over the FDA threshold, then we collect weekly until the level returns to below FDA threshold. 

Although we are currently only testing blue mussels, consumption of all shellfish should be done with caution. This includes crabs and shrimp if consuming the innards. 

SYMPTOMS (If you consumed shellfish and have any of the following symptoms please seek help)

Shellfish affected by the poison don’t look, smell or taste any different than healthy ones. But once ingested, it can be deadly. Symptoms include tingling in the lips, mouth and extremities and can progress to dizziness and shortness of breath. According to the state, death can occur in as little as two hours in severe cases. Cooking or freezing shellfish does not get rid of PSP.

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Current Status of Nahku Bay

Based on test results from 5/25/2018


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STC Historic Data

STC started collecting PSP data in 2016. To see historic data and advisories please click below.