2017 Election results

Congratulations and thank you to Andy, Savannah, Marla, and Jaime! 

1 seat remains open and hopefully will be filled soon.

If you are interested in filling the seat please contact tribal administrator at 907-983-4068 X11 or email her at sara@skagwaytraditional.org or contact one of the council members and express your interest. 


9 votes each for Andrew Beierly, Savannah Ames, Marla Belisle, and Jaime Bricker

1 write-in Morgan Dennis

1 invalid ballot due to over voting 


Proposition 1 passed 9-1

Proposition 2 passed 10-0

Proposition 3 passed 10-0

Proposition 4 passed 10-0

Proposition 5 passed 10-0 

Proposition 6 passed 9-1

Proposition 7 passed 10-0